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About the company

In the Autumn of 1998, the company purchased an industrial area in Raciąż, Mazowieckie Province and within 6 months, built a production-warehouse building according to the best designs by similar foreign companies. The building was designed for 2 manufacturing lines, ecologically heated with propane gas radiators, with a leak-tight system of fans and filters protecting the employees and the environment against dust and noise.

Over the passing years, the machines and devices had been replaced numerous times, which enabled the manufacturing of new types of mixtures and granulates for a growing number of customers and increasing the production capabilities of the Company.

Since 2015 it became clear that the capabilities of the Plant in Raciąż were coming to an end due to the performance capacity of the machines and the size of manufacturing and warehouse area, and as a result, the Board made a decision to construct a second manufacturing plant in a new location nearby, which did not provide an opportunity to expand the current location. The choice had fallen on Witkowo in the Raciąż municipality, where the Company purchased a large, several hectare investment site, located favourably near the district road to Płońsk.

A plan was developed to construct a large manufacturing building and two warehouse facilities, based on the newest trends in our industry, taking into account production automation and its supply via pneumatic internal transports, and all of that from the level of a central control unit, where a foreman is able to individually control the operation of 4 high-efficiency lines manufacturing PVC granulates and mixtures.

Manufacturing operation in the plant was lunched in the Spring of 2017.

Since the 19th of December 2018  ALFA PVC Sp. z o.o. is part of BENVIC Group - an international group and a long-standing leader in compounding, creates sustainable, innovative and eco-responsible solutions.

Old plant

New plant

Why cooperate with us?

We tailor the recipes to the needs of our clients. We assist in selecting a granulate with the required parameters and colour.

We have modern equipment with the required certificates and current technical approvals, subject to constant technical supervision at our disposal.

We process each request for quotation professionally and diligently.

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Manufacturing Plant
Production and Control Room
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Alfa PVC Sp. z o.o.

ul. Poleczki 23
02-822 Warszawa

tel: +48 608 538 138
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manufacturing Plant

Witkowo 3A
09-140 Raciąż

tel.: +48 698 453 559

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